4/6/8 Seaters

The cabs we provided are not just ordinary cabs but it comes in a variety that is arranged according to your demand and need. Our cab service comes up with 4 seats, 6 seats and 8 seats which means this many people can be catered by our cabs along with the luggage. Our cabs are spacious and are wide so that every passenger adjusts easily and everyone sits comfortably.

Capacity of Cabs

  • 4seater cabs are given in the list because it can cater 2 to 4 persons and are best for small families with minimum luggage.
  • 6 seater is provided for those families that contain 4 to 6 persons with minimum luggage.
  • 8 seaters provide their services for families that have 6 to 8 person with minimum luggage.

Why to hire us

When it comes to the selection of cabs no one gives you a wide variety of cabs like 4 seater, 6 seater and 8 seater, that is provided like us. This kind of service is only provided by us for your convenience and comfort.  The cabs of different capacities are given on the list for you to choose according to your need. We have given you different options which you can avail whenever you want at a reasonable price and without much effort.  Every cab is completely furnished and ready to serve you.